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I've been leading Wiseree, a wealth-tech startup.
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Featured works:
  • 2015 Roadshow Coordinator · Festival Film Indonesia.
    Read more on Lokadata.
  • 2015 Visual Designer · GRRRAAAHHH! - Perubahan di Tangan Kita.
    Read more on ArtCOP21.
  • 2012 Selected art practitioner · Institut Français d'Indonésie.
  • 2011 Speaker · Cellsbutton#05 by HONF Yogyakarta.
    Read more on Arts Management Network.
  • 2009 Selected video artist in OK Video Comedy.
    Read more on Asia Art Archive.
Featured works:
  • 2012 I found Yayasan KI to study & promote open society.
    Read more on Infoligen.
  • 2011 Editor · Video Report: Disaster Risk Reduction of Merapi.
    Program by INSIST Yogyakarta.
  • 2008 Editor of Akumassa, a journalism program by Forum Lenteng.
    Read more on Akumassa.
  • 2007 I found & directed Jagakali International Art Festival II & III.
    Read more on Infoligen.
Featured works:
  • 2019 Founder of Wiseree, a wealth-tech startup.
    Read more on DailySocial.
  • 2011 Active trader · Gold, foreign exchange, and stock market.
    Read more on Asia Art Archive.

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